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What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy aims to treat the patient as an individual, recognising that each of us has our own unique picture of health. In this respect our Brisbane naturopath looks at the big picture and how each part of this contributes to your current health.

In treating a patient, Our highly-qualified Brisbane naturopath aims to restore balance to the entire individual as opposed to isolating and focusing on symptoms alone.

Our experienced naturopath at Integral Acupuncture Brisbane seeks to treat the cause of your health complaints and correct the underlying problems, resulting in optimised, long-lasting improvements and providing each patient with the education to take better care of themselves into the future.

What does a naturopath do?

Our Naturopath at Integral Acupuncture Brisbane are highly qualified and fully accredited.

Your naturopath in Tarragindi utilises clinical nutrition, administration of individualised, high quality herbal formulas, seeks appropriate laboratory testing and provides lifestyle advice in order to facilitate you achieving your highest level of health.

What can our Naturopath in Tarragindi do for you?

Our expert Brisbane naturopath can help you with a wide range of health concerns. She is highly trained as a naturopath and clinical nutritionist with a vast knowledge spanning from treating pain and inflammatory conditions, to gut health, thyroid health, hormone imbalance, through to assisting with women transitioning to menopause.

Your Tarragindi naturopath at Integral Acupuncture Brisbane can help you with:

Want to know more about naturopathy or speak with your expert Brisbane Naturopath?

If you have any questions about if and how our expert Brisbane Naturopath at our Tarragindi clinic may be able to help you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us either by phone or email. Contact us online or call

How long will my naturopathy appointment take

Initial appointments with our expert Brisbane Naturopath take 75 minutes.

Follow up appointments typically last 45 minutes.

Our naturopath at our Tarragindi clinic does offer short 30 minute acute consultations for minor complaints, though we encourage you to contact us before booking an acute consultation, so we can determine if this is a suitable booking for your complaint.

What to expect at your first appointment

In your first appointment with our expert Tarraginid naturopath, our highly-qualified Brisbane naturopath will take a detailed health history of your complaint. 

From this information she will develop a highly personalised management plan, helping you to understand your condition and how to 'self-care' at home.

If required you will be supplied with personalised herbal medicine, supplementation, recommendations for pathology testing, and individualised lifestyle and dietary advice..

Reviews about naturopathy at our clinic

Margeaux has been my go to naturopath for a number of years and during this time she has been of great help on my path towards wellness. Appointments with Margeaux are always in-depth and with a great amount of interest and care as she tries to get to the bottom of things.
Lucy Juretic | Google Reviewer

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