Labour Induction in Brisbane


Acupuncture labour induction.

Acupuncture used as an induction method encourages your body to do what it would do naturally, but at an accelerated rate. Using Acupuncture points and techniques which have been empirically demonstrated to increase circulating oxytocin coupled with the stimulation of nerves responsible for uterine contractions, Acupuncture may be an effective alternative to medical induction in preparing your body for a happy, healthy and efficient birth.

Acupuncture labour induction is more effective when consecutive sessions are performed over 3 days. For best results, we recommend beginning birth preparation at week 36 leading up to induction at week 40 (or as recommended by your obstetrician). 

Benefits of Acupuncture Labour Induction

  • Promote an efficient labour
  • May increase oxytocin (a hormone involved in childbirth)
  • stimulates nerve pathways which play a major part in uterine contractions
  • reduces stress
  • reduces physical discomfort

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