Insomnia Treatment in Brisbane

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Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment

Good quality sleep is essential for optimal function, sleep is when the majority of our body's restorative processes occur. 

Insomnia is not just an entire lack of sleep, it is also the lack of good quality sleep. Maybe you have difficulty falling to and staying asleep or maybe you don't get to sleep at all. If you are waking up feeling tired or not refreshed chances are you may be one of the estimated 1-2 million Australians who experience insomnia in some form.

Benefits of Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment

  • Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has been empirically measured to demonstrate an increase in nocturnal melatonin proliferation (a vital hormone involved in good quality sleep)
  • Studies demonstrate Acupuncture to increase the duration and quality of sleep.
  • High quality studies demonstrate that Acupuncture combined with pharmaceutical sleep medication provides a better treatment outcome than pharmaceutical medication alone.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine may reduce your reliance on sleep medication

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