Dry Needling in Brisbane

Dry Needling in Brisbane

Dry needling is steadily becoming a primary treatment option in the allied health professions and shows considerable viability as a treatment option which may help relieve or resolve muscle spasms, delayed onset muscle soreness, tenderness, and dysfunction in muscular tissues while promoting circulation and blood flow to the affected areas.

Dry needling involves the insertion of fine acupuncture needles into the corresponding trigger and motor points of the involved muscles and tissues, promoting the involved structures to relax and return to function. The needles themselves promote an immune response, which causes an increase in the body's healing modulators such as White and Red Blood Cells, increases circulation and encourages lymphatic flow, ultimately reducing your overall recovery time.

How does dry needling work?

Dry needling promotes the activation of many fundamental physiological and mechanical bodily systems which may ultimately aid an reduce your recovery time.

Firstly, every muscle within the human body possesses at least one motor or trigger point. These points when activated with an acupuncture needle forces the muscle to relax. These points can essentially be thought of as the on and off, or reset buttons of the muscles. 

Further, your immune system holds a significant role in the repair and recovery of your muscular system and tissues. Your innate immune system can be triggered into operating at an increased rate through the correct and accurate application of dry needling.

The insertion of the acupuncture needles themselves generate a micro-trauma to the body (though when performed correctly the patient feels no to very little discomfort).and the reaction your body has to this attack is to initiate an immune response through your inherent innate immunity. This response involves the circulation of particular components of the immune system including an increase in white and red blood cell proliferation, resulting in an accelerated rate of repair and recovery to damaged tissues 

Lastly, Dry Needling is well-known to promote local circulation. Through the expert application of dry needling by one of our highly qualified practitioners, blood-flow to the affected tissues may increase, supplying the area with the immunological agents required for healthy repair.

Will Dry Needling resolve my complaint and how long will it take?

As with all medical interventions, individual results will vary, though our acupuncturists will give you a realistic treatment plan and expectations based on your individual complaint.

That said, it is common with the correct application of dry needling to experience immediate improvement after your first session, particularly in the alleviation of muscle spasm. The alleviation of pain, swelling, and tenderness will depend on your individual condition though our acupuncturists typically provide quick results with dry needling.

As a general rule, through expert application of dry needling, our Brisbane acupuncturists like to resolve muscular complaints in less than 10 sessions, and more realistically in 2-6 sessions. 

Not sure if dry needling is what you need?

Our expert team of Brisbane acupuncturists at Integral Acupuncture can answer any questions you may have about dry needling and how it may benefit you either by email or over the phone. If you're not sure, or need to know more, we encourage you to contact the clinic.

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How long will my Dry Needling appointment take?

Dry Needling and acupuncture appointments typically run for 45 minutes.  Allow up to 60 minutes for your first appointment.

What to expect at your first Dry Needling appointment.

At your first Dry Needling appointment, your practitioner will take a detailed case history and develop an individualised treatment plan.

You'll receive dry needling and acupuncture treatment, lifestyle and dietary advice and if required Chinese Herbal Medicine or supplementation may be discussed.

Please bring with you any relevant medical reports from your GP, specialist, or other heath professional.

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