Deep Tissue Massage Brisbane

Deep Tissue Massage Brisbane

When you're sore and aching there is no better feeling than a good deep tissue massage.

Our highly-trained deep tissue massage therapists utilise specific techniques sourced from a broad variety of deep tissue massage modalities to really get in there and release the deep tension within your muscles and tissues.

Drawing from techniques such as Chinese deep tissue massage as well as combining the modern knowledge of trigger point releases and mobilisations, our deep tissue massage therapists will have you feeling relaxed and at your best! 

Deep tissue massage is great for flushing waste from an area, supporting optimal circulation and bringing nutrients to tissue, breaking down of scar tissue, and revitalising of fibrous tissue resulting from repetitive physical stress.

Why deep tissue massage is good for you.

Our muscles are made of many long, tube like fibres. As we go about our days, our muscles are continually contracting and relaxing in regular function. As stress and tension builds, these fibres lose responsiveness and can become 'knotted.' 

When these 'knots' persist blood-flow and circulation is restricted which can lead to a build of debris in the muscle tissues, leading to chronic tension, pain, and dysfunction.

Our deep tissue massage therapists find these 'knots' and through the use of specific deep tissue massage techniques apply the correct pressures to encourage these non-responsive muscle fibres to let go.

Why might I feel sore after a deep tissue massage?

For your muscles, getting a deep tissue massage is similar to a thorough workout. The muscles have been stretched and manipulated in a way which can cause micro-tears.

Wait. That sounds like a bad thing!

It's not, similar to how a body builder gains strong, responsive muscle, these micro-tears stimulate the immune system into repairing the muscle tissue, regenerating the muscle as stronger and more resilient.

It is because of this process of immunological activation that you may feel sore for 24-48 hours after receiving a deep tissue massage, but it'll all be worth it for how good you feel in the end!

Tips to avoid muscle soreness after a deep tissue massage.

Although muscle soreness after a deep tissue massage by our highly trained deep tissue massage therapists can be normal, there are things you can do to reduce and alleviate this.


  • Drinking lots of water after your deep tissue massage will help the muscles recover faster.


  • Gentle stretching of the massaged areas will help solidify the benefits of the treatment.

Warm Bath

  • Ideally with Epsom Salts, this helps to reduce inflammation. The Magnesium in Epsom Salts has also been found to help muscle recovery.
  • Muscle soreness after a deep tissue massage is most prevalent during your first few massages, it will decrease as your body becomes used to treatment. Please feel comfortable in communicating to your therapist your level of discomfort so that they may react accordingly.

Do you have questions about deep tissue massage and if it is the right treatment for you?

If you need to know more about the deep tissue massage offered by our nationally accredited deep tissue massage therapists at Integral Acupuncture Brisbane, please feel free to reach out and one of our friendly and professional therapists would be happy to answer any of your questions. Contact us online or .

How long will my deep tissue massage appointment take?

Integral Acupuncture Brisbane offers 30, 60, and 90 minute deep tissue massage appointments. Feel free to call ahead if you're not sure how long you should book your deep tissue massage appointment for.

What to expect at your first deep tissue massage appointment.

The Brisbane massage therapists at our Tarragindi clinic will take an initial history regarding your complaint and what you are wishing to get out of your deep tissue massage appointment.

They will tailor your deep tissue massage to your specific needs and continually check in with you about the pressure of massage.

If required, our expert deep tissue massage therapists will equip you with exercises and stretches so that you may continue to self-care at home.

Reviews about deep tissue massage therapy at our Tarragindi clinic

Nick is amazing! I would highly recommend him for deep tissue massage. I always leave feeling so much more relaxed & relieved of tension.

Louise Jones | Facebook Reviewer

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