Cupping In Brisbane


Cupping in Brisbane

Cupping in Brisbane is a gentle and relaxing therapy which creates suction over an area; applying the opposite pressure to traditional massage techniques. Cupping stimulates blood flow to an area which increases the healing rate of damaged tissues. Cupping has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures as a therapy for muscular conditions, tired and fatigued muscles, stress, and fatigue.


Benefits of Cupping


Cupping is traditional therapy for:

  • Relieving physical stress
  • Promoting Circulation
  • Aiding local tissues
  • Soothing tired muscles
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • ‚ÄčLoosening tight muscles

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*Please note that Cupping as a stand-alone therapy does not attract HICAPS or Health fund rebates. Cupping can be provided as an adjunct therapy during your Acupuncture or Remedial Massage appointments.