Acupuncture for Stress

Acupuncture for stress

Everybody suffers from stress from time to time.

When stress becomes chronic it can be the cause of many conditions which you may not attribute to stress, or, conversely, you may be suffering the symptoms while not recognising stress as the culprit.

Chronic stress can have a marked effect on our physical health as well as our emotions and mood. Stress which is left untreated can contribute to many major health concerns such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Signs you may be suffering from chronic stress.

Stress isn't a ghost! stress is a very real, measurable, physiological component of living. High periods of stress can lead to increased cortisol levels, dependency on and the resulting fatiguing of the adrenals, as well as many, many other involved systems of the human body. 

Some common signs that you, or someone you know may be suffering from chronic stress include:

Physical Symptoms

  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain or tension
  • Chest pain
  • Fatigue and malaise
  • Change in libido
  • Upset stomach
  • Problems with sleep 

Cognitive & emotional symptoms

  • Anxiety 
  • Restlessness
  • Lack of motivation or focus
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Agitation, anger, irritability
  • Sadness or depression 

Behavioural Symptoms

  • Overeating or under-eating 
  • Angry outbursts
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Tobacco use
  • Social withdrawal
  • Exercising less often

How does acupuncture for stress work?

Stress affects each patient differently and acupuncture for stress looks at the big picture of how stress is impacting your life. Generally speaking however, stress will impact one (or more) of some key functions of your well-being. These include, sleep quality, appetite, and energy production and regulation.

When these systems are out of sync, there is a knock on effect that leads to low or fluctuating mood, over or under eating of certain food groups, a reliance on foods with a high energy yield such as sugar-rich foods, a displaced sleep cycle, etc.

Acupuncture for stress focuses on the underlying systems which are at the root of your individual presentation and aims to restore these systems through the correct use of acupuncture, herbal medicine and supplementation as well as addressing lifestyle and dietary factors which may need to be adjusted. 

Is acupuncture for stress the right choice for you?

If you would like to know more about how acupuncture for stress is right for you, or you would like to know more, please feel free to contact the clinic and one of our expert Brisbane acupuncturists would be happy to speak with you over the phone or by email.

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How long will my acupuncture for stress appointment take?

Acupuncture for stress appointments typically run for 45 minutes.  Allow up to 60 minutes for your first appointment.

What to expect at your first acupuncture for stress appointment

At your first acupuncture for stress appointment, your Brisbane acupuncturist will take a detailed case history and develop an individualised treatment plan.

You'll receive acupuncture treatment, lifestyle and dietary advice and if required Chinese Herbal Medicine or supplementation may be discussed.

Please bring with you any relevant medical reports from your GP, specialist, or other heath professional.

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