Acupuncture for insomnia

Acupuncture for insomnia

Good quality sleep is essential for optimal function, sleep is when the majority of our body's restorative processes occur.

Insomnia is not just an entire lack of sleep, it is also the lack of good quality sleep.

Maybe you have difficulty falling to and staying asleep or maybe you don't get to sleep at all?

If you are waking up feeling tired or not refreshed chances are you may be one of the estimated 1-2 million Australians who experience insomnia in some form.

The good news is; the acupuncturists at Integral Acupuncture Brisbane are experts in providing acupuncture for insomnia, and providing you with treatments which may be able to optimise your sleep cycles, increase your energy, and improve your quality of life!

What are the benefits of acupuncture for insomnia?

Our Brisbane acupuncturists pride themselves on being modern, integrative, and evidenced based. Our acupuncture for insomnia treatments, used alone or in conjunction with prescribed sleeping medication may lessen the impact insomnia has on your life in the following ways.

  • Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has been empirically measured to demonstrate an increase in nocturnal melatonin proliferation (a vital hormone involved in good quality sleep)
  • Studies demonstrate Acupuncture to increase the duration and quality of sleep.
  • High quality studies demonstrate that Acupuncture combined with pharmaceutical sleep medication provides a better treatment outcome than pharmaceutical medication alone.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine may reduce your reliance on sleep medication

How long before I see improvement after receiving acupuncture for insomnia?

Acupuncture views each individual as a whole and your particular complaint is a reflection of fundamentally unique patterns within your body. As a result, your condition and symptoms are entirely unique to you as an individual.

Because of this it is always difficult to give patients experiencing insomnia and sleep disturbances an accurate time-frame for improvement, though we typically would expect you to begin experiencing improvement from after your very first session. Overall treatment may take some time depending on your individual presentation.

Because insomnia can be a complex issue, our Brisbane acupuncturists typically break the issue down into smaller parts in order to measure success and demonstrate results to our patients. These parts may include measuring the duration of sleep, how refreshed he patient feels upon waking, how often sleep is interrupted during the night, how your energy levels progress through the day, as well as many other easily measured factors which we would expect to improve over time.

In following your treatment plan regarding acupuncture for insomnia we would expect one or more factors (typically feeling more refreshed in the mornings and experiencing better energy through the day) to begin improving almost immediately, and your individualised treatment plan will be constantly monitored and updated by your acupuncturist to reflect where we may still need to see more improvement. 

Want to know more about acupuncture for insomnia?

Our team of expert acupuncturists and Integral Acupuncture Brisbane are happy to speak with you over the phone or by email to answer any questions you may have about acupuncture for insomnia. Contact us online or .

How long will my acupuncture for insomnia appointment take?

Acupuncture for insomnia appointments typically run for 45 minutes.  Allow up to 60 minutes for your first appointment.

What to expect at your first acupuncture for insomnia appointment

At your first acupuncture for insomnia appointment, your acupuncturist will take a detailed case history and develop an individualised treatment plan.

You'll receive acupuncture treatment, lifestyle and dietary advice and if required Chinese Herbal Medicine or supplementation may be discussed.

Please bring with you any relevant medical reports from your GP, specialist, or other heath professional.

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