Acupuncture for fertility

Acupuncture for fertility

Whether you're trying to conceive naturally, through IVF, ICSI, IUI, or other assisted technologies, the Brisbane acupuncturists at Integral Acupuncture Brisbane are experts in providing acupuncture for fertility.

Our approach is to support your body's own, inherent fertility through traditional acupuncture for fertility treatments blended with modern, integrative, evidenced based practise.


This involves acupuncture's well documented ability to increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, assisting in the production of a higher quality endometrium and the regulation of the menstrual cycle, possibly increasing your chances of falling pregnant with secure implantation.

When should you consider receiving acupuncture for fertility treatments?

In particular, women, men, and couples who are experiencing any of the following may benefit from acupuncture for fertility treatments:

  • Have been trying to fall pregnant either naturally, through IVF, or IUI, without success for more than 12 months. Or, if they foresee that they may have difficulty falling pregnant. 
  • Have experienced miscarriage or have a past history of unsuccessfully holding a pregnancy to term.
  • Have a diagnosed condition which is known to affect fertility such as: PCOS and endometriosis.
  • Men who experience less than optimal sperm health such as low count, low motility and poor morphology.

What is involved with acupuncture for fertility treatments?

Fertility and falling pregnant is a broad and often complex issue which differs significantly from individual to individual.

Acupuncture, as part of the wider application of Chinese Medicine in general looks at the patient as a whole, taking into account past health history, lifestyle factors, congenital factors, environmental impacts and dietary concerns. As a consequence, treatment will differ between patients and all of the treatments administered by our expert Brisbane acupuncturists are tailored to the individual.

For some, it may be as minor as receiving acupuncture pre and post embryo transfer to encourage increased blood-flow to the uterus to help support healthy implantation. For others their treatment may be required to by more robust, addressing lifestyle factors, re-configuring their diet to support fertility, continued acupuncture through successive menstrual and possibly IVF cycles, along with the administration of Chinese Herbal Medicine and supplementation in order to provide the patient with the most optimal chances of securing a healthy pregnancy.  

How many acupuncture treatments will I need?

Once again, the number of treatments needed and the overall duration of acupuncture for fertility treatments will differ from patient to patient. If all that is required is pre and post embryo transfer sessions as part of your IVF cycle, then it could be as little as two sessions. 

Generally speaking, when it comes to acupuncture for fertility treatments, it is typical to require weekly treatments for up to 3 months, followed by fortnightly or monthly treatments thereafter, at specific times of your menstrual cycle. 

Our overall goal in providing acupuncture for fertility is to return your body to its optimal overall picture of health, from predictable healthy menstrual cycles, optimal blood flow to the uterus, eating for fertility, and restoring the function of many other integral systems within the body..... this can often take sometime! 

How does acupuncture for fertility work?

Traditional acupuncture blended with modern, integrative, evidenced based practises encourages increased blood-flow to the uterus, potentially increasing the quality of your endometrium and improving your body's natural fertility.

Depending on your presentation, Chinese herbal formulas and supplementation are administered alongside acupuncture treatment to promote and regulate healthy menstrual cycles.

Our highly qualified Brisbane acupuncturists regularly work closely with obstetricians and midwives and are experts in providing complementary treatments that integrate into your overall fertility plan.

Want to know more about acupuncture for fertility treatments?

Please call the clinic on or contact us online and one of our expert Brisbane acupuncturists will happily discuss the subject with you.

The science supporting acupuncture for fertility:

We understand that you want to be in the best possible hands when it comes to starting (or growing) your family. The Acupuncturists at Integral Acupuncture Brisbane pride themselves on being modern, integrative and evidence based. Below are just a handful of the many high-quality, peer reviewed, scientific studies demonstrating the research behind acupuncture for fertility treatments.

A prospective, randomised controlled study conducted in Denmark in 2006 found:

        Clinical and ongoing pregnancy rates were significantly higher in the ACU 1 group as compared with controls (37 of 95 [39%] vs. 21 of 87 [26%] and 34 of 95 [36%] vs. 19 of 87 [22%]).

And ultimately concluded:

    Acupuncture on the day of ET (embryo transfer) significantly improves the reproductive outcome of IVF/ICSI, compared with no acupuncture. 

Citation: Lars G. Westergaard, Qunhui Mao, Marianne Krogslund, Steen Sandrini, Suzan Lenz, Jørgen Grinsted,  Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer significantly improves the reproductive outcome in infertile women: a prospective, randomized trial, Fertility and Sterility, Volume 85, Issue 5, 2006, Link to article

A Prospective, randomised study from Germany in 2001 concluded:

        Clinical pregnancies were documented in 34 of 80 patients (42.5%) in the acupuncture group, whereas pregnancy rate was only 26.3% (21 out of 80 patients) in the control group.

Conclusion: Acupuncture seems to be a useful tool for improving pregnancy rate after ART(Artificial Reproductive Technologies).

Citation: Wolfgang E Paulus, Mingmin Zhang, Erwin Strehler, Imam El-Danasouri, Karl Sterzik,  Influence of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in patients who undergo assisted reproduction therapy, Fertility and Sterility, Volume 77, Issue 4, 2002, Link to article

How long will my fertility acupuncture appointment take

Acupuncture for fertility appointments typically run for 45 minutes.  Allow up to 60 minutes for your first appointment.

What to expect at your first acupuncture for fertility appointment

At your first appointment your practitioner will gather specific information relating to your current fertility situation.

We'll speak about understanding the physical mechanisms relating to fertility and becoming pregnant and how you can measure these.

Lifestyle and dietary habits will be recorded and amended if needed in relation to optimising fertility.

You'll receive acupuncture treatment and if required, Chinese herbal formula and/or supplementation will be prescribed.

Please bring with you any investigations you may have recently completed with your obstetrician, specialist or other health professional.

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