Acupuncture for

back pain

Acupuncture for back pain

1 in 6 Australians suffer back pain

The latest statistics from the national health survey suggest that 1 in 6 Australian adults suffer ongoing back pain in some form, that's about 3.7 million of us!

Are you one of them? Are you surviving each day on anti-inflammatory and pain medication?

Endless trips to the physio, chiropractor, and other health professionals. Think you've tried everything to get your back in good shape? Have you tried Acupuncture for back pain?

Patients have been receiving acupuncture for back pain for over 2000 years!

Nothing lasts that length of time if there isn't some value to it!

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine was first documented over 2300 years ago, and in most probability has been treating back pain for closer to 5000 years! We've become pretty good at it in that time! 

The team of expert acupuncturists and Integral Acupuncture Brisbane pride themselves on being modern, up to date, and in touch with research and contemporary evidence, so, if like our Brisbane acupuncturists you would like to see the scientific evidence, keep reading, we've gathered a few studies to show you.

A meta-analysis (that’s where they combine the results of many different studies to determine an overall trend or outcome) of randomised control trials on Acupuncture for back pain, published in 1998 (Ernst & White, 1998) concluded that ‘…Acupuncture was shown to be superior than various control interventions…’


Another meta-analysis published in 2005 (Manheimer et al, 2005) concluded ‘…Acupuncture effectively relieves low back pain…’


A randomised controlled trial in 2006 (Brinkhaus et al, 2006) randomly split 298 patients with chronic low back pain into two groups. One group received acupuncture and the other received no acupuncture. Both groups were allowed to access routine care (such as physiotherapy, pain medication, etc). The study concluded ‘Acupuncture was more effective in improving pain than no acupuncture treatment in patients with chronic low back pain.


That's just three of the thousands of high-quality, peer reviewed scientific studies supporting the use of Acupuncture for back pain.

After receiving acupuncture for back pain, how long until I see an improvement?

As with all medical interventions, individual results will vary and our Brisbane acupuncturists can't guarantee a result.

Typically speaking however, our team of acupuncturists like to be able to say that our patients walked out from their first acupuncture for back pain treatment feeling less pain than when they walked in!

Our approach to relieving and resolving back pain usually involves a higher frequency of visits initially but a significantly lower amount of follow-up visits.  For example, your treatment plan would likely resemble something similar to three sessions in seven days, with one or two more follow-up sessions after that. Of course, this ill differ depending on the severity and underlying cause of your back pain.

Our acupuncturists have found this approach more effective than weekly visits. Ultimately, clinically speaking, using this approach we find our patients pain and range of movement improves more rapidly and at a lower financial cost in the long run.

Not sure if acupuncture for back pain can help you?

Our team of expert acupuncturists at Integral Acupuncture Brisbane are happy to speak with you over the phone or by email to answer any questions you may have about acupuncture for back pain. 

Contact us online or .

How long will my acupuncture for back pain appointment take?

Acupuncture for back pain appointments typically run for 45 minutes.  Allow up to 60 minutes for your first appointment.

What to expect at your first acupuncture for back pain appointment

At your first acupuncture for back appointment, your acupuncturist will take a detailed case history and develop an individualised treatment plan.

You'll receive acupuncture treatment, lifestyle and dietary advice and if required Chinese Herbal Medicine or supplementation may be discussed.

Please bring with you any relevant medical reports from your GP, specialist, or other heath professional.

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